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Studio and owners

Who we are

Linski Design Studio work stretches between design, high skilled craftsmanship and art.


Concrete: designing and manufacturing unique custom-made concrete (GFRC) furniture and objects for architectural and interior design projects.


Art-topping: real metals without boundaries. bespoke surface and elements for interior and exterior applications.


Art: tailor made art pieces- from large scale wall art  to one of a kind sculptural objects.


Microcement: cutting edge, sustainable, lightweight and cost effective aesthetic alternative to solid concrete which can be  applied to virtually any solid surface at any size and shape.

The studio is managed and owned by the designer Shmuel Linski (B.des) and Lotem Selz (M.BA) both graduated Shenkar college of engineering and design.



We percept architects and interior designers as full partners in every project.

This cooperation brings a larger than the sum of its parts result, when mutual elevation follows honest and real collaboration.



All projects created from A-Z in the studio and under careful inspection and follow up from the very first sketch, through a strict production process, careful transportation and installing on-site.

Our facility specializes in surface coating with real semi-precious metals, concrete casting and finishing, mold-making,wood and metalwork.


Peace of mind 

Excellence is our highest value. Cumulative experience earned by years of hands-on work and high-skilled partners and colleagues brings our studio to the highest level of execution expressed in great peace of mind to our customers.

Mastery of solutions
We are successful in solving complex problems in wise and positive ways.
Our strong problem-solving skills can make a huge difference to our customers in a complex project. 
Hands-on experience and best professionals in the field of engineering, materials and steel and wood manufacturers, along with R&D are taking part in the studio projects; both local and international, allowing us even more creativity than before. 


Linski Design studio is an Israeli based design and manufacture studio founded by Shmuel Linski and Lotem Selz. 

Shmuel Linski (made in 1982) Is a father, designer, craftsman, lecturer and passionate pioneer in exploring, using and pushing boundaries with innovative materials.

His endless quest towards new synthesis of materials and techniques describing Shmuel as an adventurer and explorer who is able to blend simple, raw craft work with cutting edge technology in unexpected and innovative manner.

Bachelor of industrial design (B.des) department of Shenkar College, a curious and open-minded person.

Lotem Selz-Linski Is a mother, graphic designer and Driven Marketing Manager, Breathing and dreaming about products and designs.


Bachelor of graphic design (B.des) department of Shenkar College and Master of  Business and marketing(M.B.A.) department of The college of Management- Academic Studies


They are working closely together in all aspects.

Every project has its own story, and it is a journey with its own challenges, adventures, and atmosphere. I'm committed to bringing the best design and solution for each and every project.


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