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About us

Shmuel Linski and Lotem Selz-linski are the masterminds behind Linski Design studio

Shmuel Linski (made in 1982) Is a father, designer, craftsman, lecturer and passionate pioneer in exploring, using and pushing boundaries with innovative materials.


​His endless quest towards new synthesis of materials and techniques describing Shmuel as an adventurer and explorer who is able to blend simple, raw craft work with cutting edge technology in unexpected and innovative manner.

​Bachelor of  industrial design (B.des) department of Shenkar College, a curious and open-minded person.


Lotem Selz-Linski (made in 1982) Is a mother, graphic designer and Driven Marketing Manager, Breathing and dreaming about products and designs.


Bachelor of graphic design (B.des) department of Shenkar College and Master of  Business and marketing(M.B.A.) department of The college of Management- Academic Studies


They are working closely together in all aspects.

Every project has its own story, and it is a journey with its own challenges, adventures, and atmosphere. We committed to bringing the best design and solution for each and every project.

As a studio, they work across a wide variety of fields, collaborating with galleries, as well as producing their own collections and limited art pieces.

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