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innovative solution that combines the aesthetic qualities of concrete with the modern requirements of a smart and green space.


Microcement (microtopping) is a decorative coating based on cement, water-based resins, and mineral pigments.

This is an ideal material for both exterior and interior surfaces; applicable on any type of surfaces-floors, walls,furniture and even tiles.

Microcement can be customized by choosing shades and creating glossy, clouded, or acid stained effects.

No visible joints and interruption lines with a thickness of only 3 millimetres,  rapid renovation is achieved. 

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Signatureit offices

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 Serenity - Tel aviv apartment

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Prat Living reception desk

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SGE Offices

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Tranquillity - Tel aviv apartment

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Bezeq headquarters building

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Google Tel-Aviv


Levy Tyller Nardia Har-Zvi Braz & Co. Law Firm


Amazon Tel-Aviv

amazon 2019.jpg

Amazon Haifa


Villa Kadima-Zoran

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Unet credit


Team 8


Villa Nitzan

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