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Mastery of solutions and the perfect match to customer needs

Linski Design studio will help designers and architects realize their vision from conception to fabrication, with high-end hand-made concrete, steel, and wood.

Our work is best described as FUNCTIONAL ART. 
Our custom process is an integral part of the result.
Each piece radiates refined and sophisticated appearance, achieved by a careful combination of tones, textures, materials, and techniques.
Each project is unique and handcrafted exclusively by custom order.

Peace of mind
Excellence is our highest value. 
Cumulative experience earned by years of hands-on work and high-skilled partners and colleagues brings our studio to the highest level of execution expressed in great peace of mind to our customers.

Mastery of solutions
We are successful in solving complex problems in wise and positive ways.
Our strong problem-solving skills can make a huge difference to our customers in a complex project. 
Hands-on experience and best professionals in the field of engineering, materials and steel and wood manufacturers, along with R&D are taking part in the studio projects; both local and international, allowing us even more creativity than before. 

Every project is the consequence of a customer’s need.
The close relationship with architects and designers ensures a rare blend of creativity and craftsmanship and brings to life contemporary design that lasts for generations.

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As a professional design and manufacturing studio, you can rely on LinskiDesign to deliver excellence. Every time.

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