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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer a warranty on your concrete designs?
    Yes. The studio provides a 1-year warranty on the structural integrity of the concrete after installation.We subject the concrete to much larger stresses while handling it than clients ever could once it is installed. Linski Design provides each client with an owner's care instructions, and we are always will be happy to assist.
  • Where can I use concrete in my home?
    Concrete countertops can be used in the kitchen-both indoor or outdoor, bathrooms and actually everywhere. Horizontal countertops must be at least 30 mm thick but also can be made thicker for aesthetic or structural reasons.. In vertical applications such as kitchen backsplashes and tiles, concrete is generally 15 mm thick. Concrete objects can be straight, curved, notched, multi-level, etc. Unlike other natural materials (such as marble or engineered surfaces)which would drastically increase in cost for curved shapes, creating curved concrete shapes involves little extra complexity and forming. Integral and vessel sinks are possible.
  • What colors are available for my concrete design?
    Actually-any color. The color options are virtually as diverse as the option in paint catalogue. The customer can specify a glass,stone or other object. You can specify the color, size and density of embedded objects. Coupled with the many color choices, you have myriad design options. We have basic color pallete (link), but the options are endless.
  • Color and texture alteration
    Concrete is a natural material. Many factors such as temperature, humidity, sand lot and cement lot can affect the final appearance of the final product. We use software developed to calculate mix design. However, colors and texture can still vary because of the above factors. Another factor that contributes to perceived variation is simply the size of samples. A 3” x 3” sample, or even a 6” x 6” sample, will look different than a whole countertop simply because the small sample does not capture all of the natural, random variations that will occur over a large surface. The color in a 3” x 3” sample may appear completely uniform, but a whole countertop in that same color will not appear as uniform. The same situation occurs with other natural materials such as granite. If you are looking for perfect uniformity, the solid surface might be a better countertop option for you.
  • How much concrete cost?
    Prices range from 2000-3500 shekels per square meter. Contact LinskiDesign for estimate for your project.
  • What kind of sinks can be used for concrete countertop?
    Our countertops can accommodate front sinks,under mount and drop-in.
  • Will concrete stain or scratch?
    Although our sealers are the top of the market, the counter may scratch if a heavy object will dragged across or knife cut on the surface.
  • Can I put a hot pot on my concrete countertop?
    Exactly like most of the countertop surfaces, it is best to use trivets. Thumb rule: if it is too hot to touch with the hand, so it is too hot to put on the surface.
  • What is the process for countertop?
    Color selection. The studio will make color samples for client approval. Two weeks for this process. Templating. Based on excisting and finished carpentry. Less than a day. Fabrication. Depending on the size and complexity- typically it will take 4-6 weeks. Best is to schedule the beginning of the project a month befor carpentry is to be installed- to secure a spot in production schedule of the shop. Installation. As the concrete slabs are precast and finished in the shop, installation will take less than one day on site.
  • How do you create template
    The template based on excisting and finished carpentry. Your contractor will arrange the removal of existing counter-top and installation of a new cabinetry to take final template.
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